101 things in 1001 days

If you have never heard of the Day Zero project, I encourage you to check it out. There is something empowering about making a list like this and sharing it publicly. My 101 things range from stuff for our business, places I would like to visit, people I would like to meet and even personal goals. You may laugh at some of my aspirations, you may think I am crazy or you may relate, either way, it’s my list and I would encourage you to create your own. You will think about things you might not have thought about before, start brainstorming ways to make some of your dreams come true and who knows, someone may see your list and help you with one of your items. If you do decide to create your own Day Zero project, I would encourage you to share it with me. I would love to help you fulfill one of your 101 things if I can!

1. Buy a house
2. Get a dog
3. Get a cat (or two)
4. attend WPPI
5. shoot a wedding over seas
6. see the grand cayon
7. ride in a hot air balloon
8. Go to San Francisco
9. grow our own vegetale garden
10. get published on a wedding blog
11. Attend a EPNet workshop
12. Build an indoor arena/barn
13.  Organize and shoot three styled shoots
14. find a new church family
15. create an promo video
16. have a photo shoot done of us
17. write a will
18. bring on a new accountant
19. build a good work flow
20. keep the house clean
21. attend the P31 retreat
22. take my mom on a vacation
23. excise 3 – 4 times per week, at least 20 minutes
24. go to ireland
25. visit Seattle again
26. Meet at least 50 P31 ladies
27. shoot a big horse show
28. visit colorodo
29. See (and shoot) the chincotegue ponies
30. go to a Leslee Mitchell workshop and have coffee with her
31. continue developing our client experience through our brand
32. see the War Horse play again
33. Ride 30 miles on my bike
34. participate in an endruance ride
35. Book 15 weddings in 2012 & 2013
36. Book 10 lifestyle equestrian shoots in 2012 and 15 in 2013
37. Eat out only once per week
38. Try to buy local as much as possible
39. Decide on new packaging
40. Write a guest blog somewhere
41. Find a mentor
42. Meet at least 10 photographers in my area
43. Have coffee with Matt Ramos
44. Go to New York City
45. See a Broadway Play
46. Go to the Kentucky Derby
47. Find a way to Bless one person each day
48. Visit 50 New York State Parks
49. Hike some or all of the Pictured Rocks trail in Michigan
50. Visit Mackinac Island again
51. Go on a cruise with Kyle
52. Stay at an all inclusive resort somewhere tropical in one of those huts over the water
53. Scrapbook my life
54. print 10 personal images per month as keepsakes
55. Organize grandma’s photos into an album
56. Read at least 3 books per month and write blog reviews
57. Visit Marie & Dave at least once a year
58. Visit Margaret at least once
59. Visit Scott and Ashley at least once a year
60. Visit Brenda & John at least once
61. Visit Jen & James at least once a year
62. Visit Carrie & Chris at least once a year
63. Meet Karen Stott in person
64. Run a 5K
65. purchase a D800
66. purchase a 70-200 2.8
67. keep up with dentist and doctor appts.
68. go camping at least three times each summer
69. Create client welcome packages
70. finish a 365 photo project
71. add testimonials to the site
72. declutter my life
73. plan a vacation with “the family”
74. plan a vacation with my Olivet girls
75. pay off our credit card
76. pay off the Fusion
77. Pay off my student loans
78. sell the nissian
79. Buy a truck
80. Get a third (maybe fourth?) horse (don’t kill me Kyle)
81. get a goat
82. have chickens for fresh eggs
83. get a hammock
84. Get a porch swing
85. Have a fire in the fireplace during the winter (so get a fireplace too)
86. learn how to take and edit video
87. record a song with Kyle playing the guitar
89. get a point and shoot
90. volunteer with therapeutic riding
91. host at least 4 dinner parties
92. consistantly tithe 10%
93. purchase a bag for traveling with our gear
94. figure out a way to organize our gear better
95. go to all the smithsonian museums
96. visit gettysburg again
97. Have coffee with Carien Schippers
98. blog 5 days a week for an entire year
99. master off camera lighting
100. get my hair done at least once every 3 months
101. get my portfolio critiqued

DEADLINE: Saturday, October 4, 2014


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