About Katie

Syracuse New York Photographer

I love being outside right before the sun sets, when the light cascades golden all over the place and the birds are singing their good night songs. I love the beauty and power of a waterfall and the feeling of the mist that falls on your hair when you stand just close enough. I love the taste of a good sweet wine paired with a dish that my husband and I cooked together in the kitchen. I love the hurts-so-good belly laughs that only happen when you are with a really good friend. But most of all, I love the sound of my son, Wesley, laughing when he is tickled by his Dada and sitting on the front porch while Kyle plays his guitar and Wes hunts for bugs in the yard. I love the feeling of coming home, the comfort of family and the memories we are making.

I am a believer in love. I think the more we love, the happier we are and when I love someone, it’s with fierce commitment. My husband Kyle is my best friendĀ and I truly believe that it’s a huge part of what makes our marriage amazing. Our son Wesley is the absolute light of my life and I never understood the meaning of sacrificial love until he came along.