Outdoor Adventures {Wesley}

So I have a confession, I haven’t kept up on my Wesley growth pictures over the last couple weeks. But really, it’s because the weather has been so amazing and we have been spending so much time outside! Wesley loves being outside touching the grass, watching Kyle mow the lawn and just enjoying the breeze.

And this happened while I was at a work event. Apparently Wesley gets loopy when he is tired!

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Wesley {28 Weeks}

28 weeks. Boy how time flys! Wesley has been kicking like crazy, babbling up a storm and just being his usual smiley self. he gets super excited when I come in to pick him up from daycare which makes every day better and he loves to snuggle at night before bed. He is starting to love strawberries and tried some sausage and LOVES yogurt. In fact, he is feeding himself the yogurt on a spoon which is pretty awesome! Check out how big he keeps getting!

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