10 Things….

I always ask my clients to list ten things I should know about them and I love the responses I get! Everything from super quirky traits to their favorite foods. Here are ten things you should know about me:Syracuse New York Photographer

1. I have a very loud and infectious laugh. My nickname in college was “The Count” because they said I sounded like the count from Sesame Street

2. I love music and it often inspires my day. I remember moments in my life by the music I was listening to at that time.

3. I am an avid reader and book collector. I love books that allow me to leave reality for a while and LOVE book recommendations.

4. My favorite food is Mac & Cheese. I am known to make a pretty delicious version and love to try new recipes of it.

5. I am a card game freak and kind of competitive. My favorites are eucher and cribbage (bonus points if you know how to play eucher!)

6. I am not the most coordinated person in the world and I have great stories of different ways I have fallen.

7. I am a sweet wine drinker and the only beer I really like is Shock Top (and if it’s Shock Top Raspberry, I love it even more!)

8. I might possibly be addicted to Tim Horton’s coffee…just maybe.

9. I was raised by my mom as a single parent. She is the most awesome woman I know and taught me to be super independent.

10. I love to sing and will sometimes do it without noticing. I apologize in advance if you ever have to ride in a car with me!