All About Kyle

I am a computer programmer by trade so of course, I handle a lot of our technical stuff. I actually like to write programs for fun and my current dream is to automate our future house.

Ten Things You Should Know About Me

I’m a big fan of trying out new restaurants – I especially love really good New York style pizza or wood grilled fish

I love traveling with Katie and checking out new places in New York and across the country

I play the guitar and recently acquired a 12 string that Katie is going gaga over

I am a big football and hockey fan, usually cheering for Detroit teams. Go Lions & Wings!!

I have recently gotten into cycling and bought a hybrid bike to train for the Dalmac in Michigan. I will be riding with a lot of my family!

I love trying new beers so if you have a suggestion, bring it on. The darker, the better.

My horse Vinnie is pretty much the coolest horse ever.

I like playing card and board games. Katie and I have a cribbage championship each year.

I have two younger brothers who are pretty awesome.

I like cooking and trying out new recipes. Katie REALLY likes it when I cook (but I hate doing the dishes).